Synopsis introduction

The Church is located in Shennan District, Shenyang City, South Street, South Lok off Road 40, known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.Original a church, founded in 1878 by French Franciscan bishop, then 1819 Manchurian diocese as the location of the diocese , Burned in 1900.

Bishop Sufi was rebuilt on the site of the original church in 1912. It is a gothic church, now the church, dating back more than 90 years, accommodating 1,500 people Thousands of square meters, the clock tower up to 40 meters .1926 by the French Bishop Wei Zhongfan, west of the church, building a four-story, nearly 100 rooms, an area of ​​2,700 square meters of the Bishop, magnificent appearance, the entire church courtyard An area of ​​9,264 square meters.

Shenyang Xiaonan Catholic Church, by the Manchu dioceses, Manzhou diocese, Fengtian diocese, Liaoning diocese from the evolution of the northeast since the beginning of education, the current bishop is the eleventh.