ICT jobs: a Growing Part of Employment

What is ICT?

ICT stands for information and communication technology it is similar to information technology however it is focused on communication. ICT is the technology that allows information to be channeled through telecommunications. This includes just simply using your computer or even just texting through your mobile phone, as this branch of technology is mainly concerned with the usage of technology in communicating or exchanging information. With the development of our technology it is no wonder how rapid the ICT sector is growing. Companies today are getting more involved in hiring employees with such skills as it is in the trend. More information about it jobs on itnationals.com.

What are the jobs that concerns information and communication technology?

Here are jobs that qualify as ICT jobs:

  • Computer programmers – they create the code for software and systems in order for them to function properly. After the software developer designed the software the computer programmer will follow through the design and function of the software and create a code so that it will function properly and serve its purpose. Computer programmers are sought after now, because of the progress in our technology.
  • Web designers – these are the people that designs and creates a website. Because of the internet and the current popularity of social media, it has become a trend to businesses and companies to create their websites in order to reach their potential customers. Thus web designers are one of the rapidly growing careers.
  • Database analysts – these are the people that are responsible with the organization and interpretation of databases. Database analysts are held responsible with the manipulation, organization and interpretation of data. Since the modern technology has allowed us to store a large array of data through computers, analysts are needed in order to manage the said data.
  • Technology support – these are the people the helps you with your difficulties or problems that are technology related.