Color Meanings The Vibrant Story of the Pigments

Colors are known to make everything pop, from painted walls and ceilings, to the neon signage and slogans of business establishments, and even in visual artworks and websites. People with artistic ingenuity always cemented the fact on how the shades shall be put together to create a masterpiece, and while it may take a while for some people to understand the message, what matters is that the artists deserve credit for their job well done, more so when there are some names that needed a bit more recognition for their works. Without color, the story of life may not be as vibrant.

There are times in which people want to see why such colors are used, the messages that the artists want to speak towards their fans and visitors alike. Hence, here are a few of the commonly used colors, the meanings, and how they are utilized for projects. More information about painters in alpharetta ga on

The Colors of Life

Red is commonly associated with anger, passion, determination, and ambition. It is also the most common color associated with love, like with red roses bestowed to loved ones. Red is also used mostly in restaurants because the color can stimulate the appetite, also known as making people crave for food. Plus, it is a color of good luck for some Asian cultures.

Blue is associated with honesty, trust, loyalty, and responsibility. It also promotes peace and tranquility so that people will be relaxed physically and mentally. Blue is also related to communication and verbal self-expression; hence social networking sites utilize that color to their advantage for users to voice out their messages.

Green is related to balance and harmony, also associated with rebirth and growth. It is also connected with prosperity, more so with finance and material wealth. That is why green is also a common color for money bills in most world currencies.

People are free to do their research to know more about colors. Contact the painters in marietta ga for such colors to be incorporated into houses and buildings.