Get featured: submit music to blogs

Are you an aspiring artist or musician who just wants the world to listen to his music? Are you tired of uploading on your personal social media accounts only to get only a few views and quite a low number of likes? Well, it is not certainly because your music is not good. It can be that you only have a few followings and so only a handful of people can listen to you. In a world where everyone also wants to make their own music, it will be hard to stand out. Unless, you get featured in a good platform, your chances of getting noticed by people are low. This is why you must submit music to blogs and get featured. What does being featured give you? Here are some you should now.


One of the things that it immediately gives you would be promotion. If you find a good blog, they will also promote you on their social media accounts and blogs usually have tons and millions of following so it is now up to the followers whether or not they like your music but it gives you that chance to promote yourself better and certainly on a bigger scale, a global one at that. Learn more about music blog submission on artistrack.


As for newsletter, the blogs usually have a mailing list to which they send music recommendations to and when you submit music to blogs, there is a chance that yours will also be included in the newsletter they have, introducing you.


All in all, you get more exposure and so does your music and somehow, that should make everything else seem so much better. In the long run, it is something that should help you to decide as to which track you should take in order to have longer exposure to people.