House Church

In my many years of experience in nurturing Catholic teachers, I often notice that the good news of Jesus is not easy to enter the heart of the creator. The blows and pains in life forced the infringers to close their doors. They want to put an end to the hardships they can not afford to bear; unfortunately, they also close the channels where the Lord has loved and favored. 

I have also seen that most of today’s pain in adults comes from the trauma suffered by their children. Because man is a combination of body, heart, and spirit, the health of the body, mind, and soul are closely related. While working on the promotion of pedagogy today, on the one hand, I try my best to guide adult students to deal with the trauma of their childhood so that they can reopen their minds and learn from the loyalty of Yahweh. On the one hand, I started to work with other colleagues in the Center for Teaching and Research to design the family Activities so that today’s children can grow up safely, happily and healthily in the care of their parents. 

It is undeniable that family is the root cause of all social problems. We also see today’s increasingly serious family problems that have led to juvenile delinquency. In 2004 and 2004, Pope John Paul II invited believers to care for children. Serving the “house churches” is a top priority today for the church; for the happiness of children rests with the parents. 

I strongly recommend that parents read the book entitled “Dating with Happiness” written by the famous American writer Stephen R. Covey (Wang Yun translated, World Culture Publishing, 1998) so that nine children can be successfully nurtured Kovy couple, share with today’s parents, how to establish a successful and happy family.
Kovy couple said: Parents doing things for their children, the greatest is love their spouse! Do you agree? Stable relationship between husband and wife, bring a sense of security for children. Therefore, Covey suggested that couples should talk regularly on a one-on-one basis. Under relaxing mood, talk about their life, plan their life details and their children’s education, find out solutions to problems and deepen their feelings .

Covey also said that the most important career in life is the family. Husband and wife should put the family first. Parents should educate their children instead of working overtime, making money, pursuing their own interests, and throwing their children into nannies, day nurseries, safety classes, television, computers or students of the same age as their children. Many television programs or web-based information today expose children to violence, pornography, drug abuse, promiscuity, adultery, materialism and hedonism, as well as selfish, mean and cynical interpersonal relationships. Parents can sit back and ignore it?

Covey also encourages parents to talk to each child individually on a daily basis. Parents should learn to listen emphatically, let the children grow up in encouragement and confidence. The family also arranges family time every week; the whole family shares, pray, solve the problem and have fun together. Family dinner is important, to maintain the pleasant atmosphere of the table is more important. Many parents, who are busy on weekdays and use meal time as lexical time, instead let children fear to dine with their parents; children can not relax, enjoy affection or interact with their families. 

Mom and Dad are concerned about: how do children meet Christ daily and experience the love of God? This experience can not be limited to the hours of Sunday into the hall. Children at home, in the leadership of parents, feel the house church. Family members must live out their faith, love at home, sacrifice, tolerance, forgiveness, direction in life, principles and missions, and reverence and obedience to the LORD. 

Kovy couple in the book lists the principle of child rearing. The following ten kinds of abilities are the important abilities they need to have after they think their children need to get married independently: First, work two, learn three, communicate four, solve problems five, repent six, forgive seven, serve eight, worship nine, and create fun life Ten, survive in the wilderness. 

Jesus loves children and points out the treasures of heaven in them. Have you found it? Care for children actually allows us to get closer to heaven and experience the goodness of God. Let us seize the good of today, love children with Jesus, and take care of them in a concrete and earnest manner. Let the children lead us to Jesus.