1All the countries in the world, charity and rescue departments, are using the “ten” as a symbol of the word, often see the ambulance running around in the street, the roof and the side are painted obvious “ten” word, the two armies At the time of the war, the Red Cross Society of Ambulances and wounded soldiers, the staff members and the rescue tools all had the sign of “十”.

The origin of the study of “十” is due to crucifixion, the cruel instrument of torture used by ancient Rome, Egypt, Babylon and other countries; all treacheries, willful murderers, bandits and criminals who have committed felony must be crucified upon it. Ancient people saw the cross are horrified, very scared. Why such cruel torture, now turned into a symbol of salvation? What is the ability to reverse it? What capacity makes it universally accessible to all humankind in the world, using it as a sign of kindness and salvation? This ability is worth our attention and thinking. The ancient cruel torture torture many, only in history can be seen, are not to be remembered, not to make any sign. The unique cross has become a symbol of indelible eternal life in human charities. This reversing power is that since Jesus Christ crucified, shed His blood, and saved His people on the cross from sacrificing their lives, the cross began to shine, The more ascendant, heavenly and cosmic, not only becomes the center of Christ’s religious faith, the tool of salvation, but also the symbol of salvation of all people in the world.

Who knows how many people have been tortured since ancient times and who has turned the instruments of torture that have killed him into a symbol of glory? Therefore, from today’s “十” word, we should believe the truth of the crucified Lord Jesus in that day – but it is the Holy One, who is responsible for the sins of the people and is crucified. How else can this shame, cruel, terrible torture become the symbol of love, salvation, and glory?

The cross has not only deeply rooted in the world, has become a unbreakable witness to testify to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The cross is also a demonstration of the love of God for the love of the world. It shows that the Father in heaven is loving the world and saving the world and the world His only son, Jesus. Between the universe, from the past to the present, there can be no more evidence of a greater love than the love of the crucified Lord Jesus. Paul’s Apostle said: “It is rare for the righteous to die, to die for the good, or to have the courage to do it. Only Christ died for us while we were sinners, and the love of the Father is revealed to us here This word really shows the great love of God. There are kings who died in the world today, those who died for their parents, those who died for their friends. And those who do not know, die for unrelated people, die for sinners, die for enemies, and have never met but Jesus alone. The love of God, the love of the Lord Jesus, is so long, broad, high, and deep. Heavenly Father before the Lord Jesus came: have so loved the world in this way, but his love is not revealed, and now his love is revealed through the cross! God gives love to all the souls of heaven and all the peoples of the earth. The Bible says: “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

Friend! God has so loved each and every one of the worlds that you too are one of them. Jesus, the Son of God, has sacrificed your life and gave you for your sins. Can you reject this great love without accepting it? Can you ignore this great salvation but do not believe it? friend! Accept it! Believe it.

If you like, you can come and pray with me: 

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, for I do not know that you are my Lord; Now I am going to abandon everything for myself, living only in my own life, according to your will. I believe you are crucified for my sin, you give up my life to save me, you are the Savior of my soul. Lord Jesus, purify my sin with your precious blood; I will open my heart and enter my heart as my lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and keep me and lead me through a holy Christian life. The above request is by our Lord Christ, Amen.