Wonderful cross

The wonderful cross, this emblem is the most commonly recognized in the world ─ ─ see each country in the world have a Red Cross, there are cross ambulances, all with a cross for hospitals, medicine boxes, the symbol of relief; Many churches hold high the cross; many like the necklace of a cross; many poems, stories, historical stories, articles deal with crosses, and even the evil spirits are afraid to see the cross … 

But the most wonderful thing is, The crucifix, a torture instrument used by ancient Romans to crucify prisoners, is both horrifying and cruel. Why is it now transformed into a popular aid symbol? We see that many commodities, corporations, groups, organizations, agencies, nations, hotels, banks, etc., in the world have their own unique emblem, but no emblem is worthy of the attention, respect and extensiveness of the cross To be publicized, in the end for what reason? 

Friends, here, I believe in your heart may emerge a long time you have heard, but never thought deeply answer – yes, since God’s Son Jesus Christ for us After the death of the sin on the cross, this murderety of torture becomes a sign of salvation.  

But you know? – This is the salvation associated with all, because we all have sinned. According to the Creator of the universe, the law of judgment, set by the Almighty God, is that the wages of sin are death; therefore, none of us have the power to die and, after we die, fall to hell for suffering, because neither of us is sinful Right, right? Therefore, we are all damned under the judgment of God, but God loved us and saved us from sin and death. Then Jesus Christ, his son, came into the world and died on the cross for our sins. It is us who should have died, but the Lord died for us and is risen above the power of death. He proclaims that no man can perish but have eternal life as long as he decides to depart from the sinful life and repent and trust in him. 

So today the cross represents God’s love, represents the forgiveness of sin, represents the saving grace of the believers, represents the victory of the Lord Jesus, represents the perfection of Christianity, represents God’s righteousness, and even represents eternal life s begin.4Friends, please do not think that this is only “preaching”, what “Western historical story.” If so, why should we tell you so anxiously? Why not let the Bible is like “Journey to the West” in the book of novels, so that those who are free to find recreational people go to read it? 

Because of the widespread impact of the cross on the world, readers must think positively about the truths and facts that matter, and that is the key to your choice of eternal life and eternal life. Everyone will leave the world one day! What do you choose about your eternal future? Our Christians, pushed by the love of Christ, do not want you to come to the path of eternal death, and to tell you the gospel with a sincere love – the cross helps you to enter eternal life. 

If you wish, you can pray with me: 0

My dear Father, I am a sinner, for I do not know that you are my Lord, and I will not forgive you to follow the worldly lust. Now I am going to abandon everything for myself, living only in my own life, according to your will. I believe that Jesus was crucified for my sin, the Savior of my soul.
Lord Jesus, purify my sin with your precious blood; I will open my heart to come into my heart and be my lord.
Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and keep me and lead me through a holy Christian life.
Thank you Jesus Christ. The above request is by our Lord Christ, ah!